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Making Snacks Super Good


The Story

Good Enough For Kids was born out of my exasperation with so many packaged foods that claim to be healthy. Just about every time I examined the label and the list of ingredients, I would be disappointed. So I set about coming up with recipes for ready-to-eat foods that I could feel good about giving my kids or anyone else to eat. 


The Ingredients

The ingredients in Good Enough For Kids foods are simple, honest ingredients, including 100% whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, and unsweetened, dried fruits. All of the ingredients, with just a few exceptions, are certified organic, and many are also sourced from local producers. Whether local or longer-distance, I make it a priority to get to know producers and suppliers first-hand and work only with those whose products I trust. No refined flours or sugars, no additives or preservatives, no "natural" or artificial flavorings, and no solvent-extracted oils are ever used in Good Enough For Kids foods.


The Process

Made with premium ingredients, and from recipes developed through rigorous trial and error, every serving of Good Enough For Kids foods is painstakingly assembled, baked and packaged by hand (by the aforementioned, exasperated mom). It's homemade and handmade, and closely inspected (i.e., tasted by myself and any willing volunteers) for quality assurance.


The Quality

It's the quality of the ingredients and the care taken to create Good Enough For Kids foods that make them as good as they are -- delicious as well as wholesome. It's food that I happily feed my own kids, friends, and family, and that I look forward to sharing with yours.


The Products

With a range of products, Good Enough For Kids has something to please any palate and suit any diet. Products include a variety of granola bars, granolas, fruit & nut "choos," crackers, and muffins, with gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan options available across the board.​


The Philosophy

It's my conviction that food that's "good enough for kids" is not about the nutritional contents listed on a box. So many highly-processed foods are retroactively fortified with the latest "it" nutrients, like fiber, calcium, or omega-3's, that it's hard to take any of that seriously anymore. It makes more sense to evaluate foods by the way they're made, including the ingredients and methods used to make them. You have to be sure that these fall in line with your idea of what's good enough before you bite in.

The Mission

The mission of Good Enough For Kids is not only to offer the local community wonderfully wholesome snacks but also to support the local food system in any way it can. I believe that it's in our best interests to bring more of our food production closer to home, because the farther away it gets from us and the larger the scale of production involved, the more processed our food generally becomes. That's not good enough for any of us.